The primary responsibility of the 6 Assistant Prosecutors in the Criminal Division is to prosecute felony criminal cases through the judicial process and to work to ensure justice is served in every case.

Of the felony cases handled each year - such as murder, rape, felonious assault, drug trafficking and burglary - we are proud of the conviction rate consistently over 95% (guilty at trial or pled guilty) that we have achieved.

While our chief job is to prosecute crimes, we believe in doing far more. Our goal is crime prevention. Not only must we punish the guilty, but we must also continue to protect the innocent.

The Columbiana County Prosecutor’s Office Criminal Division handles felony cases committed within Columbiana County. Prosecutors handle misdemeanor cases in the Columbiana County Municipal Court related to misdemeanors committed anywhere in Columbiana County except St. Clair Township and/or the City of East Liverpool. Misdemeanors committed in the City of East Liverpool and/or St. Clair Township are handled in the East Liverpool Municipal Court. The prosecutor’s office does not investigate cases, but rather receives the case after an investigation and arrest have been made by the police department.